Does Claudi’s Kids Daycare provide part-time care?

We only provide part-time care to children over the age of 2.

What is your policy on late payments?

If we do not receive a payment within 30 days of your start date, there is a $40 late fee added to your account.

Does Claudi’s Kids follow the Madison School District calendar for days you are closed?

We follow the Madison School District for closings that are weather-related.

Do you have an enrollment fee?

Yes, we have a one-time enrollment fee. Please contact us for detailed information.

Does Claudi’s Kids Daycare provide breakfast, lunch or snacks?

Yes, all meals are served at the center. Special accommodations requested by parents can be discussed with owner.

Do you provide diapers, wipes and formula?

The center does not provide diapers or wipes. We only provide Parent’s Choice for formula.

What are your current tuition rates?

We have competitive rates with other area child-care centers. Please contact us for current rates.

Do you accept funding from the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program?

Yes. Our Wisconsin Share Provider number and location can be accessed to you at the time of tour if interested.


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